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Why Choose A Saddle From Harry Dabbs?



Every Harry Dabbs saddle is carefully crafted from start to finish by skilled artisans here in Walsall, the heart of the saddlemaking industry. 

We are proud to combine innovation with the very best in traditional techniques to produce saddles that reach the highest quality and expectation for riders and their horses.


What makes a Harry Dabbs saddle special?

Harry Dabbs saddles are designed to promote the optimum rider profile (a well aligned shoulder-hip-heel) and enable a comfortable, supple and free-moving horse that is soft and engaged when ridden.

Our thoughtfully created range of saddles feature a unique panel and an open head design to free up the Trapezius muscle and allow full range of movement of the scapula.

A spacious gullet keeps the area around the spinal processes free from pressure, for the weight to be borne effectively across the back muscles, with our performance panel shaped to keep the lumbar region free, encouraging hind quarter engagement for more powerful movement.


Our Trees

In order to achieve optimum fit across a wide selection of horse breeds and types, we offer a variety of trees that cater to differing profiles and builds.

We're not just talking wide or narrow fit, but also the width across different sections of the back, the angle of the shoulder and the flow or shape of the horse from front to back. These are all made in-house by skilled artisans, who use the highest quality, laminated wood that flexes for comfort. 


For the Rider

A choice of block, seat, cantle and flap are among the options that enable us to manufacture a saddle that also compliments the rider, helping them to achieve optimum balance and comfort in the saddle for more effective aids and seat security.


Saddle Adjustability with TreeClix

We choose to work with TreeClix technology to offer adjustability on  our range of saddles, giving you confidence in the fit of your saddle  even if your horse changes shape.

Pre-TreeClix, the wooden saddle tree could be adjusted by a press, however this can lead to damage or uneven alteration.

TreeClix offers far more accuracy and precision than the traditional methods of altering the tree width, plus it offers endless alteration as the horse changes shape.

All Harry Dabbs saddles are fitted with complimentary TreeClix bases upon manufacture, enabling your saddle fitter to add or remove wedges to alter the saddle width in increments of 5mm upto 35mm. 


Harry Dabbs is part of Jeffries Lifestyle Limited:

Jeffries Lifestyle Ltd, 24 Prospect House, Colliery Close, Staveley, Chesterfield, S43 3QE

Company No: 15211107     VAT No: 451 9369 70


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We believe that all of our saddles should be professionally fitted, to ensure they offer the correct fit for both horse, rider and the equestrian pursuits that they enjoy.
Our trained saddle fitters operate worldwide. To locate a fitter in your area, or to express your interest in representing Harry Dabbs in your area, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch.
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