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Jump Saddles

Our range of jump saddles are carefully designed to give you balance and stability, without blocking your movement when jumping your horse.

A Harry Dabbs jump saddle will allow you to move freely, bringing your body out of the saddle to achieve your optimum jump position, whilst remaining balanced and secure.

Your horse will also benefit from the open head and unique panel design that provides generous spine clearance, allowing for more fluid movement and enabling a stronger, more powerful jump.



Italiano Jump

The Italiano Jump saddle combines the very best of Italian design with technical excellence for optimum jump performance. 

With its own unique tree, riders love the close contact this saddle is designed to achieve, whilst the horse benefits from the freedom of movement under saddle that comes with a Harry Dabbs.

The forward-cut style with well placed blocks give the rider stability, whilst the modest flap and low cantle allow enhanced freedom of movement for the rider and agility over fences.

A Platinum range saddle, Italiano incorporates the popular Harry Dabbs performance panel and is finished in Italian calf leather with recognizable stitched flap design.

Performance panel as standard.

Excel Jump

Excel features a deep seat and optional narrow or standard twist to suit the requirements of individual riders.

This jump saddle is also available with a choice of single mono flap for riders who prefer a closer feel and connection with their horse.

Performance panel as standard.


Hattie Jump

Hattie Jump offers a single flap saddle design, allowing the rider to remain in close contact with their horse whilst jumping.

Featuring an innovative, moveable knee block that gives the rider a high level of adjustability of their leg position, Hattie Jump ensures optimum comfort and security in the saddle.

A discreet pocket encases the Velcro knee block, supporting the saddle fitter to work with the rider to achieve the best fit as it easily be removed to change its size, shape, or angle, to support the rider into a correct and effective leg position.

(also available in Platinum)

Arion Jump

A versatile double flap jump saddle, Arion puts the rider in the optimum jump position whilst providing complete comfort and seat stability.

Arion is a popular choice for rider’s of all abilities and is available in a choice of leather finishes and flap lengths.


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We believe that all of our saddles should be professionally fitted, to ensure they offer the correct fit for both horse, rider and the equestrian pursuits that they enjoy.
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