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Dressage Saddles


Our range of dressage saddles are designed to maximise movement and enhance dressage performance.

The open head and unique panel design of our saddles frees up the Trapezius muscle, allowing more fluid movement of the scapula (shoulder), for steps that have more quality, expression and elasticity. 

For more smoother, lighter, more powerful movement; the unique Harry Dabbs performance panel keeps the lumbar region free from pressure, helping the horse to lift the back, bring the hindleg under and engage the quarters.

Exquisitely styled and beautifully crafted in England by our experienced saddle makers, our dressage saddles are fully customisable to better fit you, the rider including: the length of flap, style of block and seat. You can also add the custom elements that give your saddle a unique and eye-catching look when you proceed down the centre line including Swarovski crystals, patent finishes and more.



Our Platinum collection of exclusive saddle designs have been carefully crafted for high performance in equestrian sport.

This premium range of saddles are exquisitely styled, adorned with beautiful, stitched flaps and are made from luxurious Italian calf leather for the finest quality finish.

Saddles in our Platinum range can be customized with complimentary accents such as Swarovski crystals, glossy patent finishes & coloured welting/stitching.

Mariella Dressage

A popular classic, the Mariella monoflap dressage saddle incorporates stylish design and beautiful craftsmanship, manufactured with luxury calf leather for ultimate luxury.

The deep seat and well-placed knee blocks provide maximum support and comfort while allowing the rider freedom to execute effective aids.

Performance panel as standard.

Comes with LB5S blocks

Grace Dressage

A staple of the Platinum collection, Grace is recognizable with its iconic and stylish stitched mono flap.

Boasting a deep seat and choice of supportive knee block, Grace enables the rider to find the perfect balanced position. Finished in Italian calf leather, this saddle ticks all the right boxes for the dressage enthusiast.

Performance panel as standard

Comes with LB11 blocks

Revolution Dressage

Revolution is exquisitely styled and crafted to a superior standard in soft Italian calf leather.

Perfect for the long legged dressage rider, the height and angle of the block supports the rider's thigh and hip, without blocking movement - allowing the rider to move more freely and apply aids effectively.

Performance panel as standard.

Comes with LB75 XL blocks

Tierra Dressage

A premium, single flap dressage saddle that is designed to enhance connection and communication between horse and rider and give more freedom in the seat.

Incorporating a well-positioned block, Tierra offers more support to the rider's inside leg to help maintain strength and stability without blocking movement.

Performance panel as standard.

Comes with LB4 blocks unless specified



A range of saddles for the discerning rider, the Harry Dabbs Collection is synonymous with quality and innovation.

This range includes a choice of knee block, seat size, flap length and performance panel - uniquely designed to allow the horse the freedom to perform.

Evolution Dressage

Introduced to the Harry Dabbs Collection in 2022, is the exquisite Evolution dressage saddle.

The height and angle of the knee block is supportive of the rider's thigh and hip, whilst keeping the knee free of pressure. This allows the rider to move more freely and enables the application of effective aids.

Performance panel as standard.

Comes with LB75 XL blocks

Fuego Dressage

Fiery Fuego is a sleek, full grain leather dressage saddle with a single flap to support enhanced contact & connection.

Incorporating a surface block, Fuego offers more support to the rider's inside leg, aiding strength and stability in the saddle, whilst encouraging freedom of movement.

Performance panel as standard.

Comes with LB4 blocks.

Elegant II Dressage

The Elegant II is a revised version of one of Harry Dabbs' original dressage saddles.

Incorporating a double flap, riders have the option of choosing from a variety of trees and from a deep or open seat to aid position & comfort.

Performance panel as standard.

Comes with Lb11/LB11S blocks

Hattie Dressage

Hattie Dressage is the sleek and sophisticated single flap saddle with an innovative feature - a discreet pocket encasing the velcro knee block, giving this saddle the flexibility to be adapted to fit a wide range of riders.

A choice of block can be inserted depending upon rider

height, leg length and other factors.

It can easily be removed to change the size, shape or angle, in order to support the rider into a correct & effective leg position.

Performance panel as standard.


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