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Pony Saddles

Designed for little riders with big ambitions, the Harry Dabbs Pony Collection gives aspiring young riders the opportunity to create their own dream saddle.

With sizes starting from 13'', smaller riders can enjoy the same great Harry Dabbs craftsmanship when fitting their pony with a saddle.

Available in all the same Jump, GP and Dressage styles with multiple tree options and our unique performance panel - ensuring the most comfortable fit.

Our saddles are designed to enable riders to achieve a well-balanced, correct and effective position, which is incredibly important for aspiring young riders learning to use their seat and leg aids effectively.

Supporting young riders to appreciate the importance of correct saddle fit & saddle care will help to ensure the comfort of both pony and rider for many years.


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We believe that all of our saddles should be professionally fitted, to ensure they offer the correct fit for both horse, rider and the equestrian pursuits that they enjoy.
Our trained saddle fitters operate worldwide. To locate a fitter in your area, or to express your interest in representing Harry Dabbs in your area, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch.
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