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Saddles designed
for enhanced performance

Optimum fit
for both horse & rider

Why Choose Harry Dabbs?

Harry Dabbs saddles are designed and fitted to ensure each horse has optimum freedom of movement, but why is this so important?

A horse that has the freedom to move more fluidly and correctly, naturally becomes more powerful in their performance. 

When the movement is not limited and correct training has been carried out, the horse is able to 'come up' more, lift at the wither and develop a stronger, yet softer posture that can carry the rider more effectively. 


We believe that all of our saddles should be professionally fitted, to ensure they offer the correct fit for both horse, rider and the equestrian pursuits that they enjoy.
Our trained saddle fitters operate worldwide. To locate a fitter in your area, or to express your interest in representing Harry Dabbs in your area, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch.
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