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Every dressage saddle from the Harry Dabbs range is made by one skilled craftsman from start to finish. There is a large selection of laminated spring trees manufactured onsite ensuring the correct fit can be achieved regardless of horse shape, breed or size.

In addition to the selection of trees there is a choice of panels – Traditional or Performance. Both provide freedom of the trapezius muscle while the popular performance panel is designed to leave the horse’s back a fraction sooner than a traditional panel.

Either option will encourage your horse to engage the hind quarters with comfort and confidence. For the rider’s comfort most models are available with a choice of flap length, twists, knee pads/ blocks and leather finishes.
Havisham Park

The Harry Dabbs collection


Saddles from this premier league brand feature the Performance panel, a choice of trees and are finished with the finest Italian calf leather chosen for its strength, comfort and looks.

Classic Collection

Saddles from the classic collection feature a traditional ‘gusseted’ panel instead of the Harry Dabbs performance panel.

Harry Dabbs Original

As with the Platinum range these saddles feature the same high standards of the Platinum range and are fitted with the Performance panel. There is a choice of leather types including full grain, Buffalo or Memel.


The Mariella is a beautifully crafted single flap dressage saddle which enables the rider to gain close contact and connection with the horse.

The deep seat and well placed medium size knee rolls provide maximum support and comfort while allowing the rider the freedom to execute correct and effective aids.

The Mariella is finished in warm Italian calf leather for a truly luxury feel.
available in Platinum.


This new design from the Platinum range boasts a deep seat and a choice of supportive knee blocks which enable the rider to find the perfect balanced position.

Finished in Italian calf leather this single flap (mono) saddle with its stylish sweat flap ticks all the right boxes for the dressage enthusiast.
Available in Platinum


The Elegant is one of Harry Dabbs original dressage saddles. This has a double sweat flap and can be made from a variety of trees. Riders have the option of choosing a deep or open seat to aid position and comfort.
Available in Harry Dabbs Original or Platinum


The Allure is fitted with deep seat and external fixed knee blocks making it ideal for riders looking for a saddle that provides maximum support and seat security. The single (mono) flap enables the rider to connect with minimal interference from the saddle.
Available in Harry Dabbs Original or Platinum

Classic Meridian

This attractive Classic model features English wool filled gusseted panel, an open head which makes it ideal for horses with a high wither.

The deep seat and large knee blocks provide maximum support while helping to create an elegant rider profile.

Classic XF

As with all saddles from the Classic range the XF is fitted with traditional English panel. It has a double sweat flap and a discreet moulded knee/thigh block for added rider stability. The XF is a great option for horses with a straight back and average wither height.

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