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Specialist Saddles

Icelandic Saddle



Our specialist saddles are available with a choice of leather types, knee blocks and panel lengths. The Traditional Polo saddle and Endurance saddle are specially designed to meet the demands of the disciplines and rider needs whilst encouraging maximum performance.   The design of the Icelandic saddle accommodates the shorter back and has a straight cut flap to allow for shoulder movement. The large knee blocks and padded seat ensures a truly comfortable ride.
Wool flocked panels. Made with traditional English spring trees which are guaranteed for the life of the saddle.  

Fitting Guide:


Polo saddle: suitable for polo ponies Endurance & Icelandic: We use a tree which is straighter at the back and has flatter rails for these two breeds. Other trees available. 
Girthing:  Options depending on type of saddle. Colours: Havana, Autumn Gold and Black. Two tone option. Leather types: Italian Calf, English Buffalo and Full Grain Tree width: N - XW Seat size: 15” - 18.5”
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