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Saddle Construction

The saddle tree is the inner skeleton of the saddle and forms a base onto which the leather is attached. All of the trees manufactured in our tree shop at Harry Dabbs are constructed from 5 to 7 layers of plywood sourced from Finland. This is high quality grade of plywood which is laminated together using glue and heat, whilst securely held in a mould to create the desired shape. The tree is reinforced with metal strips around its full length; we then add heat toughened head plates, and stirrup bars. The metal is hand riveted onto the wood. By using wood trees our production remains very flexible and alterations can be made, unlike plastic trees which are very fixed and static once the moulds are made. The next stage involves making the seat; this is formed by straining the tree. This process is done by adding nylon web which is stretched lengthways and across the tree to form the seat shape. The gradient of the slope at both the front and the back effectively decides where the rider will sit; this is highlighted in a deep seat where the cantle is higher. The position is crucial to putting the rider over the central movement of the horse. Once the nylon web has been strained the next stage is to apply the foam, cut this to shape, add the leather and stretch over the tree to form the seat. The skirts (piece of leather which covers the stirrup bars) are marked, stitched, pulled back over the tree to give the finished seat. Following the construction of the seat, our skilled craftsman add the sweat flaps and outer flaps, apply the girth straps* and complete with required knee/thigh blocks. Finally the panels are cut, machined, flocked, covered in leather and hand stitched before being laced onto the tree. At Harry Dabbs we have a forward thinking and flexible approach tp manufacturing.  Throughout each stage our saddles receive stringent quality checks. We are able to make adjustments at every stage of the construction process to ensure your saddle is the perfect fit for you and your horse.

The Perfect Fit

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Traditional craftsmanship

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